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I think Emmet place is being overlooked in this discussion. There are a number of buildings I would not like to see changed on this side of the development. eg AA building. Even the front portion of the Examiner Office is an excellent example of 19th Century architecture and should be maintained, I hope we don’t see a blanket demolition job here.

Recently saw the plan for the new AIB development on Watercourse Road. Its a significant improvement on whats currently there. It’s a sleek, modern design of two storeys. The building will extend out to the same extent as the adjacent pub which will mean a severe loss of foothpath and green area at the front, but I think the impressive design makes up for that.

Meanwhile, across the road a site at 7-11 Watercourse road is being cleared for the construction of 17 no. apartments, comprising of 3 no. linked blocks of 3,4 and 5 storeys with covered ground floor parking, retail space and ancillary accommodation. The developer is Sidney McElhinney.
A subsequent application sought “the provision of a new northern facade with electronic signage “. Now I’ve only flicked through the current Cork City Development Plan, but It clearly states that no new advertising hoardings of any type will be permitted in the Blackpool area. Of course the application for the ‘electronic signage’ was refused. In fact, the developers were told that in its place thay had to put a piece of contemporary public art- How i laughed, HAHAHA 😀
This all begs the question, do developers actually read the Development Plans? I wonder did the above developers think they could slip that through unnoticed. All’s well that ends well I suppose!

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