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Thanks for that Lexington. 12.9 Metres is pretty high isn’t it? That policy sounds like a ‘percent for art scheme’. It will be interesting to see peoples reaction to it when it is put in place. That is when any real controversy is likely to break out. Is is an abstract piece or is it going to be simply a giant Quill? There was an example in Dun Laoghaire where the developers of the Pavillion complex gave a gift of a Michael Warren Sculpture (The Gateway) to the people of Dun Laoghaire. It was not within the planning of the original structure, and therefore should probably not be there in the technical sense. Interestingly those against it managed to get the Councillors to vote on its removal (which was meant to happen), but as soon as this happened those in support of the sculpture started making their voice heard through newpaper articles etc etc. I personally like it and would be disappointed to see it go. Pieces such as this are good in that they get people thinking about the public realm, whether they like the sculpture or not.

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