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Are Hegartys originally from Cork?

@lexington wrote:

In 1944 Ben Dunne Sr, a Cork resident (though born in the North), set up the first Dunnes Stores on Patrick’s Street near Bowling Green Street after working with a number of other retaillers here and abroad The store is still in operation today, though expanded substantially. It is in line for a 35m euro redevelopment and expansion in the near future, If you have ever shopped in Dunnes and purchased one of their brown ‘bag for life’ shopping bags – an image of the original Cork store (Dunnes first) is printed on it. A number of other stores were later opened around Cork – subsequent to that, the business opened its first store in Dublin, where later Ben Dunne Sr. moved his family and a new HQ was established.

”Home and/or birthplace to some of Ireland’s most prominent indigenous businesses ” <- is actually how I phrased it more accurately. Don't believe me, check out the history on their website.

See for Roches as well!

CSO projections for 2004 indicate that in dispersal of economic activity generation throughout the island of Ireland, 72bn of the 190bn euro economy can be attributed to activities in or associated with Cork – considering export values from the pharma sector estb’d in Cork Harbour region and city based IT. Indigeneous business activity. Tax receipts. Tourist value (incl. Cork/Kerry Region) – Cork city alone = 441m euro p.a. (based on static fig. carried over from year ended 2003 w/ 341,000 city visits – see CCC, Southwest (Cork/Kerry)Tourist Board and CSO). Development and Investment – (a better example of this is considering [in terms of development] that between the 3 largest Cork-based development companies (O’Flynn Construction, O’Callaghan Properties and Clayton Love – Howard Holdings to a lesser extent w/ offices only in Cork and official base in Dublin) – current development expenditure for Cork City = 500m BTC, 500m MP, 30m Lavitts Quay, 20m Boreenmanna Rd, 100m Blackpool Park, 100m City Quarter, 60m Douglas Village SC, 100m Eglinton Street, 150m Academy Street, 160m Jurys, 300m Dunkettle = 2bn (excess) alone) excl. projects by Treasury, OSB, Corbett, Hanranka, SHUL, Frinailla, Rockfell, Mannix, Victoria Hall, Rathmelton. etc etc and small investors).

If you’re interested in a clearer breakdown of figures, just ask! I’ve about 12 books full of statistics and would be happy to forward you the appropriate addresses where you can attain such briefs for yourself. They on average cost 20euros each except one from CCC (the Development Plan 2004) for which a paperback copy costs 50euros.

Thanks for your interest PaulC.

(P.S. If you want more Cork originated or based company histories – there’s plenty more where that came from. I’d be more than happy to oblige).

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