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@Radioactiveman wrote:

The ‘eejit’ from an taisce has really sunk to a desperate new low. Objecting to a GIFT from Howard Holdings to the people of Cork City just because he thinks some vague nautical notion would be slightly better than the excellent design currently proposed is just very very sad.
I think this person would not be happy unless all planning applications were ‘run’ passed him before they even got to Navigation House. It makes me sick and further tarnishes An taisce- which, in theory is a good idea.
This person surely knows he hasnt a snowballs chance of winning an appeal to ABP. Why is he doing it? So, he gets his name in the paper by delaying a public amenity… well, if thats how he gets his kicks 🙁

Over 90% of An Taisce appeals to ABP are upheld that is because they are grounded in fact and unlike the above post they are neither frivilous nor vexatious. Grow up and keep away from the personal stuff

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