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I think it would benefit the city as a whole (in more ways than one) if Government Offices on Sullivan’s Quay subsided into the River and floated out the harbour. Its a fabulous site and would act as a great bookend to ‘Sraid an Capaill Bui’ if it was developed into retail/entertainment/residential use.
Lex, can you give us a hint as to where OPW plan to move? 😉

On the subject of Grand Parade, I know City Library are running a design competition for a new city Library. Are there any real concrete plans to use any of those designs? Surely they’d never get away with knocking any of the current building.

With the movement of City Archives to Blackpool, Christ Church on South Main Street will be available to add to this ‘cultural quarter’ – including City Library, Bisop Lucey Park. What are CCC’s plans (if any) for Christ Church?

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