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@Rockflanders wrote:

where’s cork?

Of course, how rude of us. Cork is that city in the South with a greater area home to a quarter-of-a-million people, hub to just under half-a-million people and regional capital to 1.3m people in Ireland. It’s resposnible directly for 72bn euros of Ireland’s 190bn euro economy. The centre of pharmaceautical excellence and development in Ireland. Home and/or birthplace to some of Ireland’s most prominent indigenous businesses (e.g. Musgraves, Roches Stores, Dunnes Stores, Horizon Technologies, Baltimore Technologies, O’Callaghan Properties, the Bowen Group, Dairygold, Golden Vale, etc etc) – and as a result, is responsible for the creation directly and indirectly of over 100,000 Dublin centred jobs (full and part-time).

Even I, who originally hails from Dublin – laughs a Dublin’s inflated image of itself. Dublin based threads dominate this forum, so be it, I have no problem with it – but this is not a Cork versus Dublin thread, it is the one thread (I recognise the other related threads, not forgetting) that allows those with an interest in the progress of Cork as the nation’s second city (and mythical ‘Real Capital’ 🙂 ) discuss and receive information concerning the city. It doesn’t need low-brow cracks from condescending chin-ups staining its discussions. There are plenty of other threads on which to do so. If your comment has made you feel temporarily superior and smart for ‘getting one in’ – well done, but its not welcome here.

I have never gone on a Dublin thread and knocked it for its faults – as the nation’s capital and my hometown I follow those threads with a quiet interest. Perhaps you should do the same – and if you have no interest, don’t insult those that do.

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