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Is the “Water Street” development where the builders supply yard and Harbour Commissioners area used to be – i.e. across Water Street from Horgan’s Quay?

Looking at a map of Cork Water Street has no quayside which is why I asked.

I used to wonder about running the Cobh-Midleton line at grade with an LC across Water Street, through that area and along a slightly elevated line along the river bank, reclaiming land beyond the end of the quay where the pub is to make a smooth riverfront, through the Tivoli gardens and rejoining the Midleton line at a new Tivoli suburban station. This would have eliminated the need for the railway bridge on the Lower Glanmire at Water Street and the horrible skew bridge at Tivoli. Of course if I had that kind of power 😀 I would have removed McCormick McNaughton from opposite Silversprings and eliminated the bottleneck at the end of the Dual Carriageway, and extending the DC or used a tidal flow 2+1 system to terminate at Water Street.

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