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AIB have submitted plans to demolish their existing branch on Watercourse Road, Blackpool. They plan to construct a two storey bank building, move atm facility and provide staff car parking at the rear.
At the same time, Frinailla ltd. have submitted further info. for their Lady’s Well development also on Watercourse Road, Blackpool. Haven’t seen this yet. Anybody got any info. on it?
Close by., a number of large apartment/Office buildings are taking shape on the Blackpool Bypass. More are planned.
Also, the new archive building is taking shape on Gt. William Obrien St., Still haven’t found a proper image of this 😡
Looks like the old heart of Blackpool is finally being paid attention to. Too much focus has been placed on the “new town centre”, leaving the rest of the area to become run down. I notice Dundrum are also suffering from the “new town centre” syndrome this week :confused:
It reminds me of the Simpson’s episode where Homer becomes sanitation officer and fills the town with illegally dumped rubbish. The City Council call a meeting and decide to use PLAN B. Whats plan B?? Pick up the town and move it a couple of miles down the road….. sound familiar?

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