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@d_d_dallas wrote:

Lex, who does the PR for CCC? All this talk about Cork pulling it’s socks up and renewing etc has created a sentiment that things have changed within the planners office. Certainly at management level. But it seems that more and more NOTHING HAS CHANGED. I hope I’m wrong, but I’m starting to get the impression that the Cork of 2015 will strongly resemble the Cork of 1995.

I don’t know who steers the PR for CCC. Cork has made substantial development progress – and for a while, it really did seem as though the Planners had made such progress too. Joe Gavin, when he first came, in conjunction with Ronnie McDowell (Senior Planner), seemed to help bring a breath of fresh air to the city’s development scene – but now things have seemed to slip back into the ‘old ways’ yet again. The exception to all this seems so far to be that of new planner Michael Lynch who has in his short-time made some very forward thinking and fair planning decisions – I hope he doesn’t get caught down in the new office. If CCC are going to fall back into old habits, then Cork’s bright future may be a lot harder to make shine. 🙁

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