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Some quite interesting stuff in the pipeline then!

Really glad ot see the end of that horrendous prefab thing on Patrick’s Street! What exactly does it do? Is it some sort of club house for bored CIE drivers?
Surely they should provide these facilities at the bus station?

Also regarding the taxi ranks: I don’t think they’re an eye sore they’re part of any urban street scape. It’d be nice to see an improvement in terms of the standards of taxis though. They should offer tax breaks for them to upgrade to standardised cars fit for public service. The current fleet are mostly quite OK cars, but they’re not designed to work as taxis. i.e. non-washable seats etc..

And while on a bit of a rant about public transport. Isn’t it about time that Bus Eireann in the Cork City and commuter belt area is seperated off into an independent entity with its own identity? Ala Dublin Bus. I get the impression that Bus Eireann management doesn’t really understand what’s going on in Cork and sit in Bus Aras looking at 1950s maps of the city. The Cork bus system doesn’t hold a candle to the Dublin network yet given the size of Cork, the fact that it’s better planned and less sprawling and has a road infrastructure that actually works it amazes me that we don’t have an efficient and flexible bus system. E.g. try getting a bus to from Glamire, Middleton, Blarney, Carrigaline .. and then compare that journey to a Dublin area of equivilant size and location.. It’s like night and day! Also the complete lack of any form of Nitelink service is nuts. And we’ve no electronic ticketing, no easy to use monthly, weekly, daily tickets etc etc.. it all adds up to making the bus system user unfriendly.

I know that’s slightly off-topic but I do consider public transport as an integral part of city planning and thus relevent to architecture.

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