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I’ve attached a recent picture of the Mardyke pedestrian bridge (hopefully we’ll get a better name than that) under construction at the Mardyke. As has been pointed out, it will link Dyke Parade (at a point directly opposite the main UCC Gates) to Distillery Field.
The Distilery Field site has recently been purchased from Irish Distillers by UCC and Mercy Hospital. I believe a master plan is in preperation for the area. This is the most important expansion point for UCC at present. Mercy plan to use some of the site for parking.
At the moment, the only complete department on site is Dept. Plant Science ( in a purpose built building). This follows the demolition (why, oh why were UCC allowed to get away with it????) of the Honan Biological building on campus. Parts of the Zoology dept, Pharmacy, and Phsicology are also temporarily based here.
Work is planned on the listed cooperage building to make it suitable for the remainder of Zoology dept. who will vacate their space in the Lee Maltings building (beside Mercy). This space is being given over to NMRC (renamed The Tyndal Centre).
This bridge looks fabulous and should inspire UCC/Mercy/CCC to develop the rest of Distillery Field to equally high standards. At the same time, the site does contain a number of important features architectural and environmental which should be protected.


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