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lexington wrote:
Well Ward Anderson only have one city centre premises that could cater for 30,000 sq ft – and since you’ve mentioned it, I don’t have to tell you.

When Mahon Point SC opens next Feburary, Ward Anderson intend to transfer their operations from the Capitol to a new 11-screen multiplex at the SC, freeing up the Capitol on Grand Parade for retail space. (see City Manager Joe Gavin’s city report Nov 2003) And since I’ve already opened my yak, I may as well tell you the plan by the private investment firm will include a 6-storey over dual basement retail and leisure development w/ food-court, 20 – retail outlets, 3 late-bars and apparently 2 night-clubs – and depending on insurance, Cork’s 1st permanent ice-rink (OH YEAH!) at the upper basement level.

Hi Lexington….Ward Anderson have a few more premises in COrk City well over 30,000 sq ft suprisingly…. One of which is ,On Patrick ST , Tom Anderson from Ward Anderson Group owns the HMV building, Orignally the pavillion cinema,, Paviilion niteclub, Coopers Bar, restuarants, small shops and surrounding corner premises going all the way back down careys lane with many exits and laneways. Dont you think that there may be something in the planning in due course here?


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