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You have to keep in mind that Academy Street will bring 200,000sq ft to 240,000sq ft of extra retail space to the city centre come 2007/8, Cornmarket Street will bring 170,000sq ft come 2006, possible redevelopments at the Coal Quay, St. Patrick’s Quay, Grand Parade (not incl. the 33,000sq ft at Grand Parade Plaza due 2006), Sullivans Quay and Merchants Quay will all add significant retail ability to the city centre.

If Wilton S.C. does go for the expansion, planning will take at least a year and the development will take a further 2 years – I wouldn’t expect the project to be online before 2009 – at which point, the city centre (planning pending) should be in a healthy position. But I totally agree the traffic issues in Bishopstown/Wilton are woeful as is – even the new Sarsfield Road Dual-Carriageway is finding it tough to cope and plans for further lanes along the South Ring probably won’t help much either.

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