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8 = Water Street development, Cork Opera House facade, Cork School of Music

BTW, has there been any movement in relation to this or are the government waiting to roll this out during the by-election as they have done for the past two elections?

Has anyone heard of the possibility of a rail connection between Cork and Belfast, and Cork – Sligo???

German PPP and Construction group Hochtief are now in control of Jarvis’ PPP wing – it is re-evaluating Jarvis’ assets and project agenda. A decision was due this month (Jan) but nothing looks set now until at least the end of Feb, perhaps later. It is an utter disaster of a project which should have seen its reigns seized long-ago and re-tendered for immediate construction or funded full-stop by the Dept. of Education. An utter joke!

Cork – Belfast line? Cork – Sligo line? Highly unlikely – although there has been consideration for a Cork -> Limerick -> Galway line, something which I would very much support. It should help deentralised the rail network a little in what is an extremely incovenient and unbalanced network.

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