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…with regard to the airbridges at Cork Airport – a little birdy told me very recently that Aer Lingus spoke with the airport and told them that they wouldn’t need them (cost-cutting). I don’t think Aer Arann can use them, and Ryanair avoid them like the plague. That just leaves a small few others, and the holiday charters who work to a budget anyway. Looks like that tradition of getting soaked going to and from planes is going to continue ….. !!! Not long now before we enter the 20th century, eh?

I was told the same…but I still want them! 😀

Well on a brighter note, the Indo had a nice little feature on the Cork Office Market today – vacancies rates are among the lowest in the country and the take-up rate has again perked up with a particular emphasis regarding new and much wanted 3rd Generation office accommodation. The city centre has again become the favoured destination for office location – but it is feared that the suburbs may come back to haunt the city centre unless further new supply continues to be generated. Developments at Blackrock (Tellengana = 60,000sq ft), Ballincollig (Ballincollig Town Centre = 130,000sq ft) and Blackpool (Blackpool Retail Park = 40,000sq ft – tax designated) all pose attractive threats – with the only substantial new city centre office developments coming on stream this year at Copley Street (60,000sq ft – Corbett Bros.) and No.6 Lapp Quay (60,000sq ft). Developments at City Quarter & 21 Lavitts Quay are now almost entirely let or sold. Only 1 small unit remains at Copley Hall (Howard Holdings other office development on Anglesea Street – its restrictive size has made it somewhat of a less attractive option apparently, but I’ve heard that a Dublin-based architectural firm having been eyeing it up in an expansion move into Cork).

However, I am aware of at least 3 other planned office developments for the city centre – hopefully to be announced later this year – 2 along the docklands area (Clontarf and Deane Streets?). Other developments such as Water Street and Eglinton Street will offer limited office space. A few other developments are also in the works. It is doubtful any of these will come on-stream before 2006 however.

Still, a confident boost for Cork office developers!

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