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Lexington, if only… although based on CCC’s solution to very similar antics from the Courts Services – it could be a viable solution. If anyone has the ear of a local councillor, let the case for CPO be made! How depressing to see this kind of behaviour from yet another arm of the public service towards the South. If it’s beyond Citiwest or the N11, it doesn’t matter.
Mind you, judging from Treasury with major problems, delays/stalling etc with Spencer Dock (an undeniable cash cow for CIE) one could hardly expect better treatment for Horgans Qy.
It seems land is becoming increasingly unlocked on the South Docks. This could potentially give rise to all investment going only on one side of the river and by the time Horgans Qy EVENTUALLY becomes available interest is lost and a great opportunity is wasted.
That’s it decided, next time I head South it will be by CAR!

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