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@lexington wrote:

Its utterly disgraceful – I genuinely genuinely hope OCP trump this one.

Bridget Healy has appealed on behalf of the Sunday’s Well Group (the ‘children’s allowance’ crowd), however, a member of that group also happens to be chair of the Lancaster Quay Business Association, for which she plans to lodge another appeal. The is a seperate private appeal. The Dept. of Archaelogy at UCC who are appealling – which has a lot more to do with a disgruntled response to OCP than genuine opposition to the development (long storey – OCP decided if any, they wanted private archaelogical assessments of ‘a’ particular development site, and UCC got miffed), then the Dean of St. Fin Barre’s is opposed because he believes the development will detract from the Lancaster Quay -> St. Fin Barre’s vista (what vista??? But either way, OCP designed the project so that the buildings were positioned to allow unobstructed views (granted between buildings) from Lancaster Quay -which will in effect create a better view than what is currently in existence). I’ve no problem with genuine appeal – if a resident across the street is being messed by a developer, they have every right to appeal. But what gets me on this one is these appeals (with the exception of 1) are all motive driven and petty.

OCP will be contesting.

It’s called democracy I suppose. Maybe it will detract from the view of St. Fin Barre’s. Let the experts decide! (ABP).
Anyway you seem very gung ho about all the development in Cork, even Mahon Point which I doubt has much in the way of architectural merit. My point is not all development is necessarily a good ting in itself. If the scheme is wrong maybe it’s better it gets knocked back, the next one that comes along may be better.

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