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Frank Taylor

@jungle wrote:

They may be allowing for a lot of non-staff parking because of the motor tax and driving licence centres being there.

Motor tax and driving licences are just forms like income tax or TV licence and there’s no reason to provide parking merely because the forms concern motor vehicles. I doubt it ever occurred to anyone to provide public parking in Dublin 7 for motor tax renewals. These services are increasingly handled by post or internet. Dublin City Council runs a few shops in suburban estates that just process these forms so you can park in Nutgrove shopping centre for example. No need to build 700 parking places for your staff at public expense and come up with such a crap cover story.

Dublin City Council also provided themselves with extensive underground parking under the Civic Offices in Wood Quay, next to Temple Bar. Thus indicating that they believe public transport is a great thing and that everyone else should use it so that they can drive to work more quickly. Could Cork County Council not place their offices next to one of the planned commuter rail stations on the Midleton line?

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