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I was having a brief talk with a gentleman earlier about a number of things, one of which involved the Cornmarket Street development by Rockfell Investments. Habitat have issued a Declaration of Intent to the development company regarding the Cornmarket Street development and have been thus allocated a sizeable unit. I was also given a list of other tenants/possible tenants but was asked kindly not to distribute these until later on in the year when a public announcement is more likely. The list I received comprises of those in talks and those agreed – it was not specified other than Habitat, who has and has not committed, but Habitat will not be the only ‘anchor’ store. It is stressed that all units are considered ‘anchor’ given their considerable size. The Habitat store will be Ireland’s 4th store after Galway – units already exist in Dublin and Belfast (an additional store in Dublin may open before completion of the Cornmarket Street development in Cork).

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