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im assuming o flynn’s have submitted the eis as a response to the request for further information, and this ad refers to that? or maybe there is actually a new application + eis

phatman – agree about the quays generally – good point about need to integrate quaysides with the quayfront buildings – howard hodlings have certainly lead the way with lapps quay. how about an amendment to cork city councils planning contribution sceme? cork city could include a Special Quayside Levy as a ‘Special Contribution’ on to certain waterfront developments – they would have to identify a need and a scheme that that funding would be directed towrads (or ringfenced) and develop an actual programme – i am sure developers wiould gladly contribute to such a fund as their developments would benefit from a river renewal programme – but i do think that reversing the one way system on remaining quays is the first step – because the quays are effectively a barrier to north south pedestrian movement due to traffic conditions – btw – i think that the south channel of the lee is largely ok – its the north channel that requires particular attention

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