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Ok, so Cork is undergoing alot of development right now, and will be alot more in the near future. But walking through town yesterday, it struck me just how much potential there is for our city (those of us from cork), and how it will be quite a long time before it will be fully rejuvenated, and cured of the post 1930’s ‘architecture’ that plagues this town. Looking at Limerick, it has taken them a few short years to expoit the potential of their riverbanks, even though they have done a good job. But here in Cork we have so much more to work with, 2 channels, as yet virtually undeveloped. And if i had the money and the power i would change ALOT. For instance, looking across from Merchants’s Quay to the opposite bank, as far as Water Street, there is not one building i would consider to add to the quay side as a whole, and even though im sure half of them are for no reason listed, it really is not an impressive vista. Upstream from Patrick’s Bridge there is undoubtedly a wealth of fine buildings, but i would really like to see the aforementioned redeveloped, tastefully of course, and a general improvement of the quaysides encouraged. How can it be that for a city so tied to the water and river, that the attention has thus far been diverted away from the lee towards the island within? Not wanting to ramble aimlessly, but the lee does hold so much potenial , and im not just talking about the docklands. Any opinions, comments?

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