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‘arent from around here’ restrictions do not exist..
‘having a demonstratable housing need to live in an area’ does….

this is a red herring issue as the EU cannot berate ireland on one hand for water source pollution caused by proliferation of septic tanks, while on the other hand ease the guidelines restricting rural planning….

i believe the rural housing guidelines as stated and as being enforced are absoultely fine….
the whole premise has to be taken as, in areas under high pressure fron urban generated rural development, the LA shall restrict rural planning to persons who:
1. are a son or daughter of a farm owner.
2. work in the county and have a long standing family affilation with the area.
3. persons whose primary employment is in the industries of agriculture, horticulture or forestry and have a need to live in an area for work purposes….
allowance are also made to returning emigrants and persons who can demonstrate a medical reason to live rurally…

before these guidelines came in it was impossible for us to advise clients on the likelihood of obtaining permission, now we can give a fairly accurate reading of how the application will go… as someone stated above, the perception that there is no permissions granted in rural areas is erroneous…..

however i feel the biggest problem is the discrepencies at which different LA’s enact the guidelines (same story as usual, innit)……. they are all supposed to enforce the same requirements but as usual, they all get it completely skew-ways (must be something to do with the Irish understanding of the english language… we all seem to get a different meaning from written words)….

dont get me wrong, i completely agree that the guidleines are part-discriminatory… they have to be….
but remember that each county is supposed to be reviewed from an “area under pressure” focus…. for example, here in co laois about 1/3 of the county (the western side) is considered structurally weak, that means ANYONE, AND I MEAN ANYONE will be granted permission, once the regular planning issues are met ie ribbon development, percolation, proliferation os septic tanks, sightlines and access etc…….

as usual the newspaper are issuing only half the facts…..

and really, do you think the EU are going to change Irish Planning Laws because of 1 complaint from a disgruntled citizen…..

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