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@wearnicehats wrote:

Discrimination was what this thread started being all about

yes….. part-discriminatory…. my first post reflected that…..
if the EU find these guidelines to be discriminatory, then its conceivable that any permission granted in a rural area will be considered discriminatory….

I’m blue in the face stating this but the guidelines work… when enforced well…. its the lack of consistency at which LAs have enforced the guidelines thats the problem….. i personally do not know what the situation is in wicklow, but the more i hear the more ive come to the conclusion that people are mis-informed..

in ‘structurally weak’ areas that the population is declining in, LAs will granted permission to ANYONE once the other planning requirements are met….. thats what is recommended to reinforce the population in those areas….
reversely, in areas under ‘high pressure’ from urban generated rural housing, permissions will be reserved for persons who describe a defined ‘housing need’ to live in the area…..
thats makes complete sense to me…. i cannot see where the confusion lies….

that article in PVCkings first post is filled with innaccurcies….
that article in todays independent is also filled with inaccurcies….
its easy to see how peoples opinions can be wrongly shaped when given so much mis-information….

but i fear all PVCkings option would do is swap one discrimination for another….. I’m not discounting it, at least you are offering constructive criticism of the guidelines…

at the moment the guidelines discriminate on basis of ‘need’, i see no difference in PVCkings option….

the statement that ‘its common practice in most European countries’ doesn’t wash with me… the guidelines were enforced to protect Irish regions… none other….

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