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1. on this we have diffrent opinions, so i see your point, but i disgree with it.

PVC King wrote:
2. Someone born in rural Co Dublin can build a house in Kerry]

that is not correct… you have to have a long-standing family affiliation with THAT rural arera,.. not just any…. and again the different zonings of the counties come into issue here….

3. i agree with this point.


PVC King wrote:
By doing an application in an SAC you are saying its ok to do it]

my apologies here, i got ‘special areas of conservation’ mixed up with ‘special areas of development control’.. its the latter in which i have had experience with… not the former… and i agree that development in a SAC should be restricted to a maximum… however i do not see how the ‘rural housing guidleines’ makes it acceptable for people to develop in SACs… if anything it lists the strict guidleines the planners have to take into account when deliberating on an application
“Planning authorities should have full regard to biodiversityconsiderations in determining individual applications for ruralhousing. Planning authorities must ensure that a proposal whichis likely to have a significant effect on an SAC or other designatedarea, is authorised only to the extent that the planning authorityis satisfied will not adversely affect the integrity of the area. Sucha proposal must be subjected to an appropriate assessment of itsimplications for the area, if it is clear, on the basis of a preliminaryexamination, that the project could have a significant effect on thearea. All aspects of the proposal which could, in themselves, or incombination with other proposals, affect the area’s conservationobjectives should be identified”

“The location and siting of rural housing should beinformed by landscape character, quality and distinctiveness9.Proposals for housing in rural areas should be assessed havingregard to the extent to which they:•Complement the landscape and avoid unacceptable visualintrusion, •Introduce incongruous landscape elements, and•Help to maintain important landscape elements and featuresthat contribute to local landscape character, quality anddistinctiveness (e.g. topographical features, geological features,cultural features, or ecological resources which arecharacteristic of that landscape type)”

“The Planning Regulations require that planning applications thatmay affect the natural or built heritage be referred to certainprescribed bodies including the Department of the Environment,Heritage and Local Government. Planning authorities must ensurethat all planning applications for rural housing that involve siteslocated in or that might affect an SAC, SPA, NHA, Nature Reserve,National Park, refuge for fauna or flora or other areas of wildlifeimportance are referred to the relevant regional office of the NationalParks and Wildlife Service for comment.Likewise it is vital that any development proposal with potentialimpact on a known or suspected archaeological site or the settingof such a site or on the built heritage be notified to the DevelopmentApplications Unit of the Department of the Environment, Heritageand Local Government. Planning authorities should ensure thatprocedures are in place so that all referrals occur within five workingdays of the receipt of the individual planning application. Planningauthorities must have regard to any submissions or observationsmade in response to such referrals”.

as you can see above, applications in SACs have to go through stringent hoops to discover their merit….

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