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i grew up in a rural part of laois… i live in a rented house in a town, i am not an agricultural or forestry worker… so you are saying if i wanted to build a house for myself and my family beside my home place i should not be accomodated…..??? ….. i would strongly argu ethat i should, and the guidleines make provisions for persons like myself to be able to… if you disagree, fine, again on this issue we will agree to disagree..

2. “anyone with a bit of Oirish in them can build anywhere”…. you know as well as i do, that that does not happen….. the guidleines were brought in to solve the discrepencies between planning authorities on who built in th ecountryside…… kerry mayo etc were blanket banning every application in some areas (no allowance for local need was met)… kildare / meath etc were giving permission to people moving from their 2 bed flat in dalkey to build their Dallas style mansion in rathangan (no allowance for local need was met)… see a theme appearing here……. the guidelines were brought in to create a level playing pitch….. again i will state, its the different enactment by different LAs thats causing the problems… not the guidelines themselves…… as long as we have local governance this is what will happen……

3. to me that statement shows 3 things:
a. an taisce choose their appeals carefully
b. an Bord Pleanal enforce the regulation sdifferent to the planning authorities.
c. if the ‘land’ is unsuitable then it has nothing to do with rural guidelines or local need…. they should be refused regardless……….

4. you refused clients who wanted to apply in SACs, where you could design and advise,….. yet you complain about houses that you have no control over…… …….. ……. ……. that makes no sense.. its like a vote.. use it or loose it….

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