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1. The wording of most conditions has been not to sell or otherwise dispose of; the renting of a property is to otherwise dispose of as it prevents the owner having exclusive possession. The only justificastion for local need is exclusive possession or at least exclusive possession subject to say renting a room to help with the mortgage. The site farming industry is in full swing and Dick’s guidelines faciltated it greatly.

2. When in England or wherever these people provided a roof for themselves what is wrong with them providing a house for themselves in the same way as all other urban dwellers. If they are taking on a farm that is different and in any event they could apply under the agricultural worker provisions of the development plan should that be the case. I have been based in London for most of the year for the past 18 months; does that give me a right to ignore the fact that I grew up in Galway and Dublin cities unlike those who stayed around and become assume a London rural background?

3. That is not true

4. The guidelines reversed almost all the environmental provisions of the previous guidelines and for the first time made it acceptable to build in SACs they were regressive in the extreme from an environmental viewpoint and not one environmental, nature or planning organisation or body was anything other than scathing on them.


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