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wow, slow down… nobody is throwing insults around…. i don’t know how you can say that..??

I’m simply debating the point with you thats all…… i hope your not mistaking ‘disagreement’ with ‘insult’…….

now, again ill deal with your points..
1. wearnicehats made the point of situations he knows where people have gotten permission under the rural guideline, built the house, rented it out and sold 10 years on… i said that those people were within their rights to do that, the planning system has no way to legisalate against that.. i even gave you an example of where they tried and failed……. the council were not able to enforce the condition in the example i gave you… have you an example of a situation where the council enforced a condition stoping a person from renting a rural dwelling?????

2. what is wrong with someone returning home after 50 years to live in the locality they grew up in??? ive just had a caes where an elderly woman is returning home from england after leaving ireland in 1962….. the rural housing guidelines make allowanace for these situations, and rightly so IMHO……

3. i assume ‘ag’ means agriculture?… well, under the guidelines every piece of land in the country i ssupposed to be zoned in terms of ‘pressure from urban generated rural housing’…. so yes, zoning has changed.. .im familar with counties offaly, laois and kilkenny and i can guarantee you that every sq inch of those counties are ‘zoned’…. and none of it is ‘agricultural use’….

4. again, the rural housing guidelines were brought in with environmental factors to the forefront….read section 3.3, 3.3.1 and 3.3.2 of the guidleines………. plus, its the remit of the LAs to provide for protection of environmental issues in their respective development plans,.. the guidlines do not supercede these environmental protections….

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