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1. I totally disagree with your point on local authorities not being able to enforce conditions; what happened if the revenue commissioners were not allowed to enforce the finance acts? Other than tribunals that is!!!

2. The problem are the guidelines as they override the development plan and clearly say that all classes of people with a link to the land can build anywhere. I.e. someone who left a farm in the Naul in 1950 can build a house on the ring of Kerry 50 years later.

3. Land has a use and if the use is ag it should stay ag unless it is zoned otherwise; many of my clients own industrial land some of it contaminated but due process must be observed prior to it becoming residential land. Why should it be any difference just because some crackpots like the IRDA scream loudly enough? I’d also look at the An Taisce appeal rate of 95% before you through insults around.

4 It has everything to do with it; look at the Galway water thread. FF have sacrificed the environment for short term votes and that is unforgivable.

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