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PVC King wrote:
1. You can legislate its called the planning system.

2. I’ve seen seriel applicants who have pushed local need through into double figures]

1. The planning system can only legislate with the instruments available in the planning acts, they cannot legislate against the financial issues of a persons property ie the sale or rent…….
i had a situation where a client was granted permission for a new dwelling and the council tried to enforce a condition that his existing dwelling would not be sold or rented but given to a member of his immediate family… this was actually worded as a condition of planning….needless to say, under the slighest political pressure they were forced to remove this condition….

2. That just shows that the problem lies with the local authorities, not the Guidelines…

3. ‘narrow interests’..??…… the reason the guidelines came about was because of blanket refusals by some LAs to people who wanted to live on their own land in areas they had a family affiliation for….. if you can remember, after the guidelines were announce, you had groups like an taisce getting on the air waves saying it opened the door to everyone living in rural areas…… those ‘narrow interests’ were shown to be widely off the mark…

4. sorry, i dont see the significance of that question to this thread ? environmental issues were one of the main factors in the formation of the guidleines…..

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