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The two things – NIAH and RPS – are separate. Yes, the NIAH feeds into many RPSs, and will in time into all presumably, but it also serves as a centralised record of sorts. The Granada Convention required member countries to compile systematic surveys of their built heritage, so the NIAH is Ireland’s answer.
Local-rated buildings are thus deemed to be of some architectural heritage value, but not of sufficient value to merit protection under the law. As time passes they might become more valuable, so then the record can be updated and they might become PSs. In truth, it’s hard enough persuading councillors and the public on some of the Regional ones without claiming that the end-of-terrace local authority house from 1955 is a candidate as it is still in its fully original state.

Architectural Conservation Areas are one way of dealing with Local stuff, sort of a looser, general protection, but as we know from Ardee sometimes they’re not worth the paper they’re written on.

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