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I’d agree up to a point, in that an element of compensation should be offered but only through the current grants system we have in place (notwithstanding the minuscule amounts set aside by LA’s at the minute). The cost of upgrading/improving/otherwise altering a protected structure is generally speaking not extortionate in comparison to a non-protected building – for the majority of average buildings, especially dwellings. Where costs do mount up, that’s when the grant system should kick in and grants can be issued in a proportional way, which I think is fair. It’s not as if the average Joe Soap is being required to gild every ceiling in his home, or every commercial building being required to foot the bill for specialist conservation teams to be dressed in 1830s costume – by and large it is the practices, materials and design that are being enforced with PSs, not all necessarily higher cost interventions. And even if they are, within reasonable boundaries it ought to be up to the owner to foot the bill – anything above that and the grant system kicks in (or should anyway).

Thank you ctesiphon for that extensive reply, most interesting. The NIAH system seems a very fair and comprehensive one, even if as you say it cannot account for everything – the three step procedure being particularly impressive.
Just on the issue of Councillors, you cannot be serious about they deciding over what is to be accepted or not?! What is the point of going through the expert system only for it to be put into the hands of…lets just say laypeople?
And you say it is structures classed as Regional or above that get passed by the Minister (presumably advisors/OPW): what about Local – are these structures automatically passed onto Councillors?

Yes, again I was being somewhat disingenuous over the ‘is it right’ mantra 🙂 – agreed it is very much so an area of education and protecting the wider public interest. Just as I may hold no knowledge whatever of marshland habitats or the flora and fauna of boglands I would still expect what experts in the field deem to be worthy of conservation and protection be given just that statutory treatment, and similarly in those cases that owners of the land be given certain financial aid where the burden is considered excessive.

A final question that’s been niggling for a while – why was the graded listing system abolished with the 2000 Act, especially considering we usually look to the UK as something of a benchmark? Is there such a precedent to have a blanket system (with or without Declarations) in other countries?

Thanks again for the response – must have taken a while 🙂

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