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I had a quick look at the link to the Capel Street page and I’d guess that most if not all of those ones are PSs, even the two-storey one with the mucky shopfront. Something about its facade says ‘I’m more interesting than you might think!’
And to be fair to DCC, they have probably the most highly skilled Conservation Dept of any planning authority in the country.
I hope I’m not coming across as dismissive of your points and opinions- I’m enjoying the debate.

Not coming accross as dismissive at all.I hope i’m not coming across as dismissive of the whole PS system. I should probably explain a little bit more on my reasons. These refer to some of the buildings.

  • Poor Quality – A building that was suited to being a prime example of a typical protected structure, and an example of why buildings are protect. But deglect over a number of years allowed this building to fall into a terrible state. And is now a shadow of it’s former self. I feel some buildings were once great but protecting them now is pointless, but why protect buildings if they are let to rot. For example This building is in very bad condition, a long way from the building that appeared in a Malton print. It’s also in a very public location, can’t help but notice it on the way up the keys as it sticks out so much. Yet it’s falling apart despite being protected. (incase I am misunderstood, I am not suggesting that this building be removed from the RPS, I was asking why have an such a vast RPS if little is done about great buildings like this until it is too late)
  • Altered buildings – Here I am talking about buildings that not just the facade is altered (shouldn’t have really said facade), the whole interior is alien to the building. I suppose the RPS must try to preserve what little elements of character a building has left. But is trying to keep tiny elements when the whole building has practically been removed or altered really nesscery.
  • As for the buildings on capel street from this site. At least one, (possibly a second im not sure about one) is not protected. Have a guess as to which one, you might be surprised.

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