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Littered as in rated as ‘Local’, amongst Regional and all the others. I must have a good look up on the description of these buildings and where they are (tend to be stuck for time any time I’m looking at the RPS for some reason).

Thanks for your information – so in theory all buildings (other than Regional +), even the chipper on the corner, are Local structures? It is simply a designation as part of the greater scheme of rating by the NIAH that isn’t necessarily of any significance at all – indeed for the most part probably isn’t? Is it the case that at present efforts are just going into recording buildings of architectural merit, before eventually, one day, encompassing everything?

Yes the ‘bumping up’ of buildings to Regional status is certainly something that skews the system. Whereas in practice there’s nothing wrong with it if a worthy building is given protection, it nonetheless highlights as you say ctesiphon a flaw in the ranking methods that is in need of revision. Does the Loc, Reg, Nat, Intnat system replace the List 1, 2, 3 system, or did it exist alongside it pre-1999/2000 do you know?

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