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Hi Morlan.

Thank you for your response and I respect what you say. However, unfortunately I have to take it personally because this sort of thing has knock-on effects on my children and all others close to me. This entire perception of Limerick began due to laziness on the part of certain journalists. It’s very easy to create subliminal impressions through the selective use of language. This, in fact, is a well-established diplomatic technique. By way of example, I remember Robert Fisk talking some years ago about the protrayal of the Israelis in the media in contrast to the Palestinians. The Palestinians were described as carrying “Soviet-made Kalashnikov AK47 assault rifles” , whereas the Israelis carried almost cartoon-friendly “carbines”. What is my point here? Well let me give you another example. During the recent feud between a few scumbags who happen to live here, RTE main evening news opened with “Armed Gardai on the streets of Limerick”. Powerful stuff indeed and likely to create a strong impression. However, if the same gardai were deployed in, for example, Darndale, do you think RTE would lead with “Armed Gardai on the streets of Dublin”? I don’t think the Dublin-centric media would, actually, because they’d take care to appreciate the nuances of the way they reported events. That’s just a single example. As I said, these easy stereotypes have effects in the real world, right down to the way my children think about themselves.



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