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Limerick Racecourse Plc


Greyhound racing stadium and ancillary development works, car parking, lighting, landscaping and access works all on a site of 6.6 Ha. The track will be a 500m Greyhound track (480m internal circumference/510m external circumference), it will provide stadia viewing, dining area, kennel block, shop storage areas and office buildings. Site levels will be increased to accommodate the proposed development so that the proposed FFL (Final Floor Level) of the stadium will be 4.5 OD. The track will generally be at a level of 4.2 aOD and the final height of the stadium building will be 16.1m with additional roof support poles of 9.7m. Filling of the lands over an infrastructure way leave is also proposed. The facility will provide for 510 car, 54 greyhound trainer vehicles and 3 coach parking spaces around the stadium will access onto and from the Dock Road via the permitted internal access which will require detail changes. The proposed will also allow for the construction of a roundabout on this internal access road to access the northeast end of the stadium site. An Environmental Impact Statement accompanies this application and will be available for inspection or purchase at a fee not exceeding the reasonable cost of making a copy.

Development Address: Former Greenpark Racecourse, Dock Road

Curiously it was the Limerick Racecourse Plc that made the original planning application and not Bord na gCon. :confused:

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