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New Limerick ready to open. (m a n a b o u t d o g b l o g)

Was at the NEW Limerick Greyhound Stadium last night for an official trials session. The new track in the Dock Road is all but complete and ready to open, on target, a week tomorrow.

I brought in Bantiss Domino for a qualifying trial and in her first look at the track she clocked an unexpectedly quick 29.59 when winning her trial by about 10 lengths. She caught me out it’s fair to say, but the track was running very well. 2 trials before us Skywalker Queen, 2009 Irish Oaks winner, went around in 28.48.

What can I say about the place? It’s a dog man’s dream. The track is as big a gallop as I have seen at a greyhound stadium, with the opening 2 bends in particular extremely fair with dogs able to pass on the inside or outside.

There seems to have been some input from owners into the design of the facilities for dogs and owners as little touches were noticeable such as ‘easy open’ gates onto and off the racing circuit, washdown facilities second to none just at the pick-up, and of course state of the art kennels which are being installed today.

In order for everything to go to plan on the big night (lets face it there will always be snags), the stadium is holding a soft opening, or dress rehearsal, next Monday night where 4 ‘trial races’ will take place under full race night conditions. Photo finish equipment will be in operation, fast food and bar sections will be opened, and dogs will race as if it were the real thing.

Congratulations to the Irish Greyhound Board for creating what looks to me like a longtail paradise…and within budget and on time too!

Nice preview from m a n a b o u t d o g b l o g ~ It’s a dog man’s dream. 😉

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