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Lease Market’s Field for soccer, cllr pleads
Written by Marie Hobbins
Thursday, 07 May 2009 10:39

A PROPOSAL to Bord na gCon that the Market’s Field be opened up for soccer for an initial period of three to six months is currently being considered by the organisation.

At a recent follow-up meeting to an earlier specially convened meeting in March, between Bord na gCon, the FAI, Limerick VEC, the city manager and city councillors, Cllr Kieran O’Hanlon, who initially kick-started a move to negotiate viable options for the future use of the grounds, called for the return of soccer to the grounds.

“At this latest meeting, attended by the ceo of Bord na gCon, Limerick FC, Mayor John Gilligan, Cllr Kevin Kiely, Cllr Ger Fahy and Cllr Joe Leddin, Bord na gCon made it clear they want to secure a subsidy from the city council before they make the grounds available for soccer,” Cllr O’Hanlon told this newspaper.

“I differ – it would take months or until next year to negotiate this – and perhaps secure it. I’m recommending they lease the grounds to Limerick FC for a three to six month period or make the grounds available for a number of fixed matches to ascertain what support and backing this would achieve.

“It’s not just my belief – there’s a huge groundswell of interest and support for a move to restore soccer to its old home, the Market’s Field.

“I’ve explained to Bord na gCon that if they don’t agree to this, they will lose the goodwill of the 17 elected representatives on city council. We want them to show, as a gesture of good will that they put this to the board of Bord na gCon and come back to us on it. Hopefuly, it will receive overall agreement.

“If not they will be left with an empty stadium for 12 months or more”.

As well as a return to soccer, other long term plans for the grounds include the provision of a community centre, additional facilities for the Limerick College of Further Education, a conference centre and shared facilities

Good to read that the council are openly supporting limerick fc’s return to markets field.Not sure having a go at the current tennants is a good thing though.Could a decent size ground similar to turners cross be built on this site?

It’s highly unlikely that limerick fc could move in before the end of the season.The place would need a alot of work including installing flood lights, new dressing rooms and the like.

Am i right in saying that the proposals for the future of the ground would be out sometime during the summer?

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