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@gunter wrote:

A detail showing the rear of tall gabled houses on St. Nicholas Street at a location perhaps corresponding to the (slightly later ?) five storey Dutch gabled house seen in a 19th century photograph of the Exchange

Gunter, that Thomas Philips panorama of the city is quite interesting for detail.

Thomas Philips with Francis Place was one of the first topographical painters of Irish scenes. The long flat prospect and the intention to record the appearance of the city as accurately as possible was characteristic of such painters. (Judith Hill ~ The Building of Limerick)

Here is how that Dutch gable house looked like to its rear ca. 1890 before it was demolished by the Cathedral’s authority. The house was known as Galwey’s/ Ireton’s House.

Judith Hill wrote also the following account about this house.

One of the largest (five storeys) of the old stone houses stood next to the Exchange in Mary Street and had been occupied by the Galweys, a prominent patrician family, in the seventeenth century. This house was later given a Dutch façade: a brick skin, regularly placed timber sash windows and the curved and pedimented gable. A drawing made in 1894 from the Cathedral grave-yard shows the original stone house behind the brick façade with its irregularly placed stone-mullion windows and battlemented gable facing the grave stones.

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