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following the finalised go ahead of the long awaited opera centre and the objection of the expansion on the crescent shopping centre i think a Limerick masterplan should be made public, put on the news etc outlining a number of key criteria to enhance the growth of the city.
these include,

1. A proper extension of the city boundary
2. A proper start in the regeneration project
3. Finish off the remodeling of the city centre
4. Transport, do what they need to do in order to stop bus eireann pulling its fleet from the city (bus lanes) and the possibiliy of a light rail system, using the current tracks around the city, thus minimising costs.

if these 4 key categories were made public and had a big media coverage on the news then people will start to trust limerick again and invest in the city, it will get the ball rolling..then again im fully aware its easier said then done!

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