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@Tuborg wrote:

This proposal for a single authority just isnt going to happen, nor indeed should it. Limerick City faces a number of uniquely urban challenges that can only be tackled with the aid of its own dedicated Local Authority.

County Limerick on the other hand is predominantly rural in character with a highly dispersed population, indeed Newcastlewest is it’s only urban area of any significance, (pop. 6,000). It would therefore be totally impractical to merge both into one body.

As CologneMike has already suggested, it would be far more feasible to explore the possibility of merging the other 3 mid-western County Councils, as they are all broadly similar in character.

If this Government is serious about drastically reducing the number of LA’s, then it should look at amalgamating a number of them in the midlands and north west. Clearly, there are a number of Counties here that just simply dont have the populations to warrant their own Local Authority.

You note that Co. Limerick is predominantly rural in character, however a vast area within Limerick Co. Council’s jurisdiction is suburban and has a direct relationship with the city itself.

I suggest that in real terms the edge of the city is actually determined by density of population and thus should either be managed by the City Council solely or there should be a distinct area between city and county where both local authorities have an input.

At present both Councils are flying in the face of each other particularly in realtion to retail development.

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