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Mid West Task Force Interim Report July 2009

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Two extracts from it mention the following

4.1 Governance of Limerick

In recent years numerous reports have focused on the governance structure in Limerick. Three councils are involved in a relatively small geographical area which is proving to be inefficient and ineffective in articulating and delivering a coherent, ambitious plan for the Greater Limerick area. These reports have stated that if the governance issue is not tackled then Limerick City is unlikely to achieve its full potential as a key Gateway City for the Mid West Region. This issue has been referred to by almost all stakeholders to the Task Force as a serious hindrance to the development not only of the City but the entire Mid West Region and needs to be reviewed as a matter of urgency.

A commission, as provided for under existing legislation, is established as a matter of urgency and should report as quickly as possible, but no later than six months, in relation to the Governance of the Greater Limerick Area.

11 The Limerick-Shannon Gateway, with a thriving city at its core, is central to the growth and prosperity of the Mid West Region. Limerick needs immediate investment to address social and economic issues. Governance of the city must also be addressed as a priority. The Task Force recommends that:

(a) A commission should be established as a matter or urgency and report as quickly as possible, but no later than six months, in relation to the governance of the Greater Limerick Area.


Limerick Chamber of Commerce oppose suggested Council merger (live95fm)

The Limerick Chamber have voiced their opposition to the suggested merger of Limerick City and County Councils contained in the McCarthy Report.

Chamber President Harry Fehily admits the Report’s recommended cuts are necessary to address what he calls the enormous overrun in Government spending.

Mr Fehily said instead of any suggested merger, he would prefer to see the city boundary extended which would give Limerick City Council greater autonomy in running a larger urban area.

The Chamber President says any cutbacks should be balanced to take into account the more vulnerable in our society.

Harry Fehily says a city boundary extension would be more practical politically than amalgamating the two local authorities.

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