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Proximity to the city centre is probably one of the most important issues as to how an urban centre should develop outwards.

Taking the street junction at Brown Thomas / Debenhams as the middle point of the city, as this was once the cross roads leading to / from other cities.

  • O’Connell Street – (Cork)
  • Sarsfield Street – (Galway)
  • Patrick Street – (Dublin)
  • William Street – (Waterford)

From that middle point I plotted three zones using a rough radius length of 2.5km, 5,0km and 7.5km on to the boundary proposal map.

The city council‘s jurisdiction is / was confined roughly within the 2.5km zone.

Ideally in my opinion the city should develop outwards in a 360° orderly manner.

Proximity to the city centre should mean shorter journey times / lower emissions. Economies of scale from anything from public transport, to schools, hospitals, water, gas, etc, etc, could better be achieved if the city expanded out evenly in all directions.

The area highlighted in the image below denotes the jurisdiction of county Clare and shows its proximity to the city centre.

This boundary issue has to be dealt with now.

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