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it’s amazing that this decision by An Bord Pleanála got such little attention given the furore about the proposed development. I guess with Michael Daly losing control of Fordmount, that company may have pulled back from the project.

In any case, I think it is a great result for the city even if it is egg on face for the City Council and officials who seemed to want to get this through with little thought to the long term damage to the city it would bring. Their eagerness was borne out of ignorance and/or corruption. I’m inclined to believe it had elements of both. Looking back through the early posts on this thread, from three years ago, Kathleen Leddin could see that the officials were planning something, even though they were denying it and being deliberately vague. Later in the day John Gilligan came out vehemently opposed to it. Those two deserve special credit, in my opinion, being the only ones to articulate a clear stance. After this fiasco, I have little faith in the Council, and I don’t think that they can be trusted to have the long term interests of the city at heart.

Well done to those who objected also. It’s unfortunate that there were only three appeals to An Bord Pleanála. Then again, that is not so surprising given that the Council misled people about the closing date for objections at the initial planning stage. Hence, quite a number of people who would have objected were late in sending those in. I think the Limerick Leader reported nine late objections were returned?

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