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7th February 2009
@CologneMike wrote:

Originally Posted by justnotbothered
You’re a dreamer Mike if you take the developer at his word.

As you know yourself putting thoughts to paper, looking for material, scanning through old posts involves a little bit of time and effort. Therefore the more surprised I find your remark which leaves me with the impression that you don’t seem to bother to read peoples posts properly!

The bottom line for me was to bring a little bit balance to the “Limerick Boat Club” topic.

Originally Posted by justnotbothered
We’re effectively building a block with no windows facing either Poor Man’s Kilkee or Sarsfield bridge.

Since you have access to these plans for the last year or so, I would say your eye sight is letting you down. If you study both images together, one can get a three dimensional perspective of the Poor Mans Kilkee side of the building and it reveals a lot of glass to me.

Originally Posted by justnotbothered
Don’t be fooled by words, look at the plans and see for yourself how crap they are.

To say that the plans are crap is farcical. The Ennis Road side needs some improvement and the pier location maybe controversial, but these plans are never crap!

Below are before and after visualisations

  • Bedford Road
  • Sarsfield Street
  • Honan’s Quay
  • Ennis Road
  • O’Callaghan’s Strand

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