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10th June 2008
@CologneMike wrote:

Originally Posted by johnglas
Try to avoid turning everything into a personal attack.

True johnglas, my behaviour is akin to a “Spam Blocker”! 😀

Originally Posted by massamann
Anyway, here’s a couple of shots of PLOT’s Maritime Youth Centre in Copenhagen. It’s somewhat low-key, it keeps its public space…. Just an idea.

Interesting images massamann. 😎

That would be a clean break with tradition, a Maritime Youth Centre instead of A Rowing Club! A Maritime theme for the pier would be totally dedicated to use the river as a recreational water resource.

Maybe moor a tall-ship (maritime museum) along the boat club side of the pier and another large barge type of vessel (restaurant) docked opposite it at Harvey’s quay. However getting these two ships lifted over the Condell bridge would be a quite an act.

Massamann, I can see the city kids using it as our second river front skateboard park!

there is simply no equivalent site in Glasgow

By the way the tall ship museum image I used here is from your part of the woods.

10th June 2008
@vkid wrote:

Originally Posted by justnotbothered
I would love to have seen the Boatclub re-engage with the city in a meaningful way, how, by moving to the soon to be regenerated Island field. I know it’s a little off the wall, but it makes sense.

I agree with that to be honest. I like the buildings but i think they are very nondescript in their current location. Moving them would mean the buildings are saved and a very interesting site could be used to its full potential..
This site needs something very special and keeping these two buildings at this location for the sake of keeping the buildings is a waste imho

10th June 2008
@johnglas wrote:

No. Your behaviour is akin to a spoiled child who has to have his own way and the last word; I may be spam, you are certainly not caviare. The tall ship (the Glenlee) is berthed alongside and parallel to a quayside wall, so there’s no comparison.

10th June 2008
@vkid wrote:

Ah lads…dont ruin some half decent discussion with this petty stuff
staying on topic would be much more benficial…maybe use pm’s for yer little head to head?

10th June 2008
@johnglas wrote:

Vkid: sense at last; couldn’t agree more. I’m an outsider taking an interest, not mounting personal attacks or defending my position to the last ditch. From what I remember of Limerick, it has agreat urban feel, with probably an undeserved reputation for violence, a bit like Glasgow in fact.

12th June 2008
@Briain wrote:

Vkid, The School of Architecture is moving into Kings Island for 4th and 5th year design studio, the first class will be moving in at the start of September. Actually, the whole school might be out there for a week or two, not sure yet. They’re going into St.Munchin’s church.

Although your proposal sounds quite interesting also. There were a few different options and locations for the school, none of which was to construct a new building however (afaik)

12th June 2008
@CologneMike wrote:

A public amenity and commercially run?

The development will consist of 4,215 sq m gross floor-space, over 4 no. levels (from River Level to Second Floor Level) at its highest, and will comprise:

  • Boat club and store (591 sq m);
  • Cafe, including an ancillary kitchen and seating areas (330 sq m)
  • Restaurant (497 sq m);
  • Civic space (429 sq m);
  • Office floor space (1913 sq m);
  • Staff area (20 sq m);
  • Ancillary space (435 sq m).

I wonder what type of tenants has Fordmount Developments in mind for them to realistically see a return on investment, in the form of rent to justify spending €20 million there.

Firstly they will receive no rental income from the Limerick Boat Club.

There was talk of the Tourist Information Office acquiring space there. Especially they will have to move when Arthur’s Quay gets redeveloped as proposed. They would attract footfall in the form of visitors. Being a public service they also operate commercially a craft shop and also act as booking agents for accommodation, ferries etc.

Is the Dolmen art gallery still open? If so they would also have to relocate from Honan’s Quay. Would their commissions be adequate enough to operate there?

A top quality café / bistro on one floor and a top quality restaurant on another floor should do well. Ample glass front views of the river facing the west.

Pity that the School of Architecture, has intentions of basing its “city centre wing” on Kings Island. It would have been interesting to have seen them taking up the office floor space (1913 sq m) here. On the other hand, that would equate to half of the building space. I think UL would prefer investing €10 million towards a new college building than renting one to that value?

12th June 2008
@justnotbothered wrote:

Rent out space to the city council for a new city library, guaranteed money packet for as long as he wants.

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