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9th June 2008
@Tuborg wrote:

I said it a few weeks back and I remain of the opinion that the proposal definitely has some merits. I actually like the glazed feature but the architects apppear to have given up on the rest of the structure with the all too predictable half arsed approach. Incidentally I came across a previously unseen CGI a few weeks back in the city leader showing the impact of the proposed structure from O Callaghan Strand. It looked absolutely hideous, much cruder than the other elevations we’ve been shown. I’ve searched for the image but its not available on the leader website or anywhere else for that matter!

At the moment 9 of the 17 councillors are reportedly against the proposed development. Just out of curiosity, if a clear cut decsion wasnt reached, who would ultimately have the final say? the city manager?

10th June 2008
@justnotbothered wrote:

Saw that image too, I don’t think there’s really much doubt that the proposal is a flawed one (and I’m being charitable).

Afaik, majority rules on the council, but the city manager (who has been quite coy all through this) will probably try and streamroll it through.

He was the guy who felt building on Cleeves Bank/Westfields was a top notch idea too, luckily, the councillors pulled him on it before he could sell it. I’m sure he’s waiting for another chance to work some “development” there too.

We need a manager who realises the city is more than just facing the river. All well and good focusing on the river, but areas like Parnell st and Roches st. are straight out of a neon Angela’s ashes. He should focus a little more on the entire city.

10th June 2008
@KeepAnEyeOnBob wrote:

Vkid, I’m not of the opinion that those buildings should be preserved at all costs, but they do have the advantage of being inconspicuous. As you say, you don’t even see them driving across. The bridge is the important feature, and I think most things developers would like to put there would detract from it.

10th June 2008
@johnglas wrote:

Cologne Mike: Here we go again… I’d forgotten that message – clearly you haven’t. My comment was just that, a comment, not directed at you. There is nothing worse than suggesting something out of context from somewhere else; there is simply no equivalent site in Glasgow.
Try to avoid turning everything into a personal attack.

10th June 2008
@D-A-V-E wrote:

what i think is hilarious is the fact that in the daytime pic its cloudy (to fit in with the white metal) and at night theres no cloud as it blends in better!!

10th June 2008
@massamann wrote:

I think that there is an additional step needed when discussing what we should do with the boathouse. I think that we need to decide on exactly what we want built here, before we begin commenting on any designs. This is such a prominent site in the city, that I think that we need to be happy with the buildings future use, and not just what it looks like.

I’m not very happy about the idea of a scheme dominated by exclusive, private apartments. Sure, there may be a trade-off with a new boathouse being included, but again, I’m not happy that a boat club will attract the volume of membership to justify such a prominent position.

If done right, it could be the one place in the city where you really feel the impact of the river. Sitting there, you have the water to the left and right of you. But now for the unfortunate bit: the only way to maximise footfall in this area and to make it available and accessible to as many people as possible is by minimising the “for profit” developer-led component. And if we do that, I don’t believe that there will be enough of a financial imperative to build anything.

For all our talk of the Celtic tiger, have we one public building in Limerick that has gone up over the last ten years? The concert hall is part of UL, the county council offices are just that – offices. Would it be too much to hope that this could be the new location for the Library, now that the Granary is being taken into the Opera development? Along with a really decent coffeeshop/restaurant?

Anyway, here’s a couple of shots of PLOT’s Maritime Youth Centre in Copenhagen. It’s somewhat low-key, it keeps its public space…. Just an idea.

10th June 2008
@vkid wrote:

Originally Posted by justnotbothered
But what do think of what’s proposed?
It’d be great for intimate gigs. The smaller club house could remain as a bar or coffee house or anything. Plenty of places for outdoor seating for example.

In another location yes..but in its current spot a music venue is not suitable. When it was used as one on several occasions there were drunk kids literally falling onto the busiest bridge in the city..not to tarnish all who went there with that brush but it was a common occurence in my own experience. Unless proper access is sorted its uses are limited. BUT i do agree that a suitable use should be agreed on before a building design is decided on. Its a decent size site overall so something worthwhile is very possible..I personally think a venue/coffee shop would be a complete waste of this site.

AS for what i think of the current proposal, i like some elements (the glass front – albeit too high) and dislike some (side profiles and lack of windows).

Personally I would like to see UL have one of their smaller faculties use this site…maybe with imput from the School of Arhitecture..It would bring the University into the heart of the city(sorely lacking) and really add something to the city..A coffee shop would not have the same effect imo.If the city needs a music venue i’d prefer to see the resoration of the long closed Limerick Athenaeum(Theatre Royal)

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