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“Apart from levelling the quays and building them up which is my ultimate preference, any suggestion which changes the boring nature of what we currently have should be welcomed”

Well there’s a sustainable proposal if ever there was one….

It is important in this context to point out that in general bad cases do not make good rules. So if there are parts of the quays which are poor, pastiche or 60s calamity, this would not in general be an argument for making the situation worse. Many architects & planners, Frank MacDonald included have campaigned for the reconstruction of the quays in the past decades.

Cute Panda exhibits appalling ignorance on the subject of Dublin, which was conceived & built as the second city of the british empire during the georgian period (pre-1880). It retains a considerable number of setpieces dating prior to the 1880s, Trinity College, Four Courts, Customs House & Bank of Ireland included, not to mention several uniquely large residential squares. Back to school for you I’m afraid. It never ceases to amaze me how confidently some people will talk about things of which they clearly know very little. I’ve been to Boston which I particularly dislike because of the amount of pastiche it includes, it has a far less continuous structure & was never within reach of the standards reached by Dublin at the time it was principally constructed. I have recently visited Montreal which is a great city & I doubt they would allow such a thing in the Vieux Port.

I oppose this in its current form because of the visual impact of the supports primarily. It also seems wasteful to build a structure rather than using the normal methods of becoming airborne, light aircraft, balloons, jet packs, rockets, whatever ! There’s something in the idea, perhaps Docklands/ Dublin Bay …the millenium wheel II, but not this.

I’ll tell you what, lets fill in the liffey with concrete & build a runway…!

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