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Cute Panda

@phil wrote:

What exactly do you mean by describing Dublin as not being “‘historic’ in any real sense’? One of the attractions of Dublin for many visitors is its sense of history. that ability to be able to see the remnants of different ages juxtaposed. Visitors can wander through the streets and get a sense of being in an unfolding history as oppossed to what is basically a museum like landscape such as Venice or Bruge.

I have travelled fairly extensively and Dublin to me looks about as historic as Boston. There is little of the city over 200 years old. Most of the city centre starts around 1880’s onwards when you really look at it as a whole. Apart from a few churches here and there, Dublin does not feel much more overly historic than a lot of cities in the New World and I am talking Quebec, Savannah, Havana etc. Dublin also has a huge amount of late 20th trash buildings. Claiming Dublin is mainly a visually historic city is a bit like claiming that Irish is a living and vibrant language.

I really do not see how these towers are anymore horrible than much of the 1960’s kitch which already lines the Liffey. What precisely would these towers visually ruin which has not already been ruined decades ago?

If we have beautiful historic quays lining the Liffey I could understand the negative reaction these towers are inciting, but I really don’t get why so many people are horrified by this project to the level they are – except perhaps the old Oirish fear of anything new and unique. We are hardly an innovative or dynamic culture – we are the boiled cabbage eaters, the conservative clods on the fringes of Europe wagging his finger at anything which manifest from outside the pre-determind box we are all so comfortable locking ourselves into. As Joyce said “the centre of paralysis” and all that.

I am not saying I do not respect people’s reasons for being so against the cable car idea, but I am amazed as the explosion of viceral repulsion it has unleashed on this normally well balanced forum. The same hostile reaction to this idea is no different than the residents groups and NIMBYs walking around the construction site of a 5 storey building with “NO SKYSCRAPERS HERE” scrawled on a sheet of cardboard looking and acting hysterical for no reason.

@phil wrote:

Cities like Dublin, which have been born of the river, take their essential legibility from them. This is why it is so important that the Liffey is respected. Take the Thames in London for example. The lenght of the river is dotted with various features: Canary Wharf, Tower 42, The Gherkin, St Pauls, Parliament Buildings and the London Eye (to which this cable car claims its inspiration). This is what gives it its legibility. The wanderer in the city, whether tourist or citizen, sees these features and starts to understand how the city is unfolding around them. The Placing a cable car running over the natural axis of a city (any city) would take away the visual impact which it is trying to view in the first place. This is why the London Eye works so well. It is relatively inobstusive, allows the tourist to view the city from a variety of gradually altering perspectives, but yet does not detract from the rythm of the cityscape.

I am sorry, but I honestly have no idea what you saying here. I read it a few times and all I am getting is subjective analysis. You’re rationale in the above paragraph why this would not work in Dublin borders on a form of civic theology rather than a good argument against the cable car idea. You’ll have to do better than that.

Forgive me, I am simple man and I like cable cars and I think it would be neat to take one along the Liffey. I am sure many people would like to do the same. It looks like fun. Sorry, but that is how it is, this idea actually appeals to me, and as a taxpayer won;t cost me a penny and I don’t see how the towers along the Liffey are anymore horrible than some of the junk already there.

If the towers are too high, then build taller buildings in Central Dublin rather than retreating in a Georgian Society ostichifaction state based on a shallow argument that the Dublin quays are masterpieces of civic beauty when they are in fact lined with all manner of ugly shite already.

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