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I also think if you go to this extraordinary amount of trouble, it should have some utilitarian aspect and have more than just two stops and two cars. Other cable car systems, for instance New York’s Roosevelt Island system or Barcelona’s, cater for both tourists and local residents.
It’s quite easy to still charge high prices to non-residents (a la the boats in Venice) by having regular users apply for a travel card of some description. I’ve been on both of the cable car systems I mentioned above, and think part of their charm is that ordinary people can use them.
The people behind this have also gone to quite a bit of effort to ensure the pylons are at the most visually uninteresting parts of the quays, which I think is important.
And speaking of gimmicks, what ever happened to the plan to float a balloon above the Liffey. That seems to have sunk without a trace, and like this one, was being endorsed by Frank McDonald.
Anyway, in conclusion, I’d be in favour of the plan but I think the number of trams should be doubled or trebled and there should be at least one more stop.d

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