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I had to look at my calendar to check that it was not April 1st. The big difference between the Roosevelt Island cable car and that proposed for the Liffey is that the former traverses the river and is primarily used by residents (cost is a subway token) and the latter is for tourists, will cost $15 and follow the river’s route. Why bother? Why not use boats? I though a boat service had started on the Liffey? Paris has its bateaux mouches, the East River has cruises, and for a while there was a river taxi service; that stopped due to lack of use, but that was due to a mixture of cost ($9 versus $3.50 for the East Side Shuttle or $1.5 for Subway) and only 2 stops (57th St. and 96th St.) which were too limiting. Looking at the roundy cablecar pods I can already hear it being called Dublin’s “pie in the sky.”

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